The ifss 3D Execution Approach

The ifss 3D Execution Approach

Doing it right the first time

Business transformation is no one-night-stand. Companies with the wrong approach often see results fall short of expectations, regardless of whether it is called Lean or Six Sigma. Business Transformation requires the right approach from the beginning, in order to avoid unnecessary risks or pitfalls along the way. At ifss we go the extra mile for our clients and define a tailored roadmap to make sure things get done right from the very start.

Some questions that the ifss Business Transformation Approach can answer are:

  • How much time does a complete Transformation require and when can we expect to obtain the first benefits or quick wins?
  • What mix of tools and people-skills do we need at every stage of the Transformation in order to reach higher productivity and lasting results?
  • How do we promote and sustain a company culture change?

How ifss can help

At ifss we understand that executing Business Transformation is much more than just the pure application of tools (Transformation Model). We have defined three stages in any Business Transformation to make sure that results are achieved and the basis for sustainability is set.

The ifss 3D Execution Approach takes you from where you are today to wherever you want to be tomorrow:

We start out scoping the initiative, analyzing the current business process excellence approach and building on current successful methodologies before adding any further tools or methods. We also engage the management team and prepare the ground for the deployment. In general the Diagnostics phase takes approximately 3 months.

The deployment is the core of the transformation. We involve the workforce, lead improvement projects on demand and train internal Transformation leaders. At this stage the company culture-change and knowledge transfer to our clients start to take place. Productivity increases of 20% or more are no fiction. In general the Deployment phase takes approximately 12 to 15 months.

Multipliers fully take over project improvement projects and ifss consultants assume the role of project coaches until the knowledge transfer is finalized. At this stage, a sustainable continuous improvement mindset begins to work independently with 3-5% yearly productivity increase. In general the Delivery phase takes approximately 6 months.