The ifss 3C Knowledge Transfer

The ifss 3C Knowledge Transfer

Teaching how to fish

Sustainability without knowledge transfer is mere fiction. ifss consultants do more than simply consulting: we are also coaches and trainers and make sure that our knowledge stays in your company so that the Business Transformation initiative is continued, even after we have said good-bye. By handing you the fishing pole, we teach your employees how to fish, instead of doing the fishing for you.

Some questions that the ifss Knowledge Transfer can answer are:

  • How can we guarantee successful improvements from the very start while training our employees on the job?
  • What are the specific tools and methods we need to know and understand in order to sustain the initiative by ourselves?
  • How much training is enough and who needs to be trained? How does class room training or e-Learning contribute to sustainable Business Transformation?

How ifss can help

By combining the 3Cs, our clients profit from a perfect knowledge transfer.

Every transformation starts out with a period in which a classical consulting approach is required. The first weeks are spent analyzing the current situation and developing the necessary framework. We screen existing solutions and keep those that are working well for our clients, while applying a proven standardized maturity assessment that we tailor to our clients’ needs. We perform stakeholder interviews and prioritize improvements in order to focus on areas with the highest impact. We help determining where to start, who to involve and how many resources to engage.

Coaching is our method of choice when it comes to transferring the process excellence know-how to the transformation multipliers in the organization. Our experts provide insight knowledge on the job, at the coachee’s desk or on the shop floor. Practical examples are shared, problems are solved together and the coachees begin acting as multipliers that promote a culture of excellence. As external partners, we are committed to earning your trust and walk the extra mile to engage your employees in ways you haven’t often seen in consulting: our coaching brings your experts to an unprecedented level of excellence.

With over 15 years of experience teaching Process Excellence in and outside of the class-room environment, we constantly enhance the learning-path for our clients, content- and media-wise. With blended learning (integrating class-room training with e-Learning content and social media components) we offer companies the unique ability to set individual learning goals for employees at a global or local level with the flexibility of time and place, while adding the interactive flow and outstanding training material our clients know from our class-room trainings.