Who we are

The ifss team is made up of extremely skilled and diverse people that have a great time doing great stuff for our clients. Welcome to the ifss family.

ifss Consultant profile:

Team player and board-friendly

ifss consultants are senior from day one. We bring in the right balance of expertise, soft skills and personality to partner up with our clients, from the top management to the shop floor.

Industry and practice experts

At ifss we are experts in what we do, both at a practice level (methods, tools) as well as at an industry level. Our consultants blend past professional industry experience with process excellence knowledge to deliver outstanding results to our customers.

Change and empathy agents

ifss consultants are the people you want to have for improvements at the front line or shop floor. We bring in a hands-on approach together with the bottom-up ability to listen, enquire and reflect. That’s how we engage teams towards sustainable results.