“Our Source” was composed specially for ifss Process Excellence . We are proud to be able to offer you this CD.

“Music has the power to express anything that can’t be said in words. It can reflect the full existence, the heart, soul and mind of any human being. The more honest it should be.”
(Ulrich Drechsler)

At the age of 9 years UD began to play clarinet. He studied saxophone at the university for music in Graz (Austria) form 1992-1998.

In recent years he gained international reputation with his band “Café Drechsler” and received the Austrian Amadeus Music Award in 2005. His current projects are The Ulrich Drechsler Quartett featuring the Norwegian star pianist Tord Gustavson as well as the New Jazz Band “Drechsler”.

Ulrich Drechsler lives and works in Vienna as an independent Clarinettest, Saxophonist and Composer.”