Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics & Warehousing

Becoming world-class

Challenges with seasonality, changing order trends (smaller size, multichannel, high customization) or same-day / just-in-sequence delivery, are all reshaping the global logistics and warehouse landscape. World-class logistics are increasingly being defined by the ability to adapt to customer needs with the special focus on keeping costs low and standardization high.

Some questions we help our Logistics and Warehouse clients answer are:

  • How do we cope with increasingly complex order requirements?
  • How can we improve performance and lower the costs of supporting processes?
  • How can we engage the workforce to become more flexible while achieving better results?

How ifss can help

With decades of experience in the logistics and warehouse industry, we have introduced the Lean mindset to provide an extremely customized and effective approach for logistics and warehousing. Some areas we help our clients are:

  • Significant reduction of total end-to-end lead times and improved resource efficiency
  • Elimination of double-work in processes and clear identification of responsibilities at interfaces
  • Reduction of delays on the provider-side and introduction of a balanced inventory management system
  • Visualization of activities and departments, and introduction of a clear warehousing layout
  • Improved employee engagement by means of a bonus system and a continuous implementation of employee improvement ideas
  • Introduction of a monitoring system for the most important warehouse KPIs