Getting the real thing

Lean is more than just a buzzword or a quick and dirty method to obtain fast results. Going far beyond mere cost-saving, getting the most out of Lean requires the Lean mindset, combining excellent Lean method-skills with the right people-approach to involve all process stakeholders.

Some questions Lean can answer are:

  • How can we identify the true value stream from a customer perspective and strive for perfection?
  • What obstacles hinder the process flow and how can we eliminate process waste?
  • How can we profit from the pull principle and further lean methods without reinventing the wheel?

How ifss can help

We cover all aspects of Lean for services as well as manufacturing and combine the bottom-up approach in our projects with the top-down perspective to tackle extremely detailed problems and reach high-impact solutions.

Some areas of Lean application are:

  • Identification of value added activities and reduction of process waste
  • Reduction of process complexity at interfaces (without unnecessary IT-changes)
  • Reduction of inventory and waiting time
  • Optimization of transport, material and information flows
  • Reduction of defects and scrap
  • Production scheduling / optimization

The Lean Action Workout® (LAW)

The Lean Action Workout® (LAW) is a proprietary trade mark developed by ifss that has evolved from the integration of the GE Workout® and the Toyota Kaizen workshops. The LAW is a short-focused project format that concentrates on reducing process waste and finding Lean solutions in just a few days. During a Lean Action Workout, the existing value stream of a process is analyzed and improved and the future value stream is developed.

The Gemba Action Workout (GAW) is a special form of the Lean Action Workout® (LAW) that is particularly useful for shop floors in producing companies. The proven lean methods 5S, SMED, space utilization, etc. are applied in these short workshops (1-3 days).

The focus in Lean Manufacturing is to improve the production and material flow of manufacturing processes. At ifss we cover all classical methods of Lean Manufacturing (including SMED, TPM, Poka Yoke / Jidoka, Workplace- / Cell-Design, 5S, Visual Workplace, Pull-JIT, tact-time analysis and many other methods) and integrate them into custom solutions.

We lever on the advantages of Lean Management to increase efficiency of processes in services companies. 5S, value stream mapping with waste analyses, capacity control, space organization (spaghetti diagrams), visualizations and respective target definitions are some tools we work with in the office environment.

With decades of experience in the logistics and warehouse industry, we have introduced the Lean mindset to provide an extremely customized and effective approach for logistics and warehousing with areas of application such as: reduction of total end-to-end lead times and improved resource efficiency, elimination of double-work in processes and clear identification of responsibilities at interfaces, etc.

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