Lean Innovation

Lean Innovation

Supporting the innovation process

Innovation can be a challenging and expensive procedure. Many companies fail to either innovate within the established budget or reach time-to-market goals. With Lean innovation companies can react quicker to unexpected issues in product development and achieve market entry on time.

Some questions that Lean innovation can answer are:

  • How can we improve our innovation process in order to save time and money without reducing the innovative capacity of innovation teams?
  • How can we make sure products are launched on time and also fulfill customer expectations from the very beginning?
  • What do we save by applying Lean to our innovation process?

How ifss can help

The traditional (non lean) approach to innovation follows the path of progressive elimination of different product alternatives, concentrating on one single final product. Final testing usually renders numerous flaws that imply expensive last-minute changes and missed target product launches.

At ifss we are lean experts and bring in the Lean mindset into innovation without disrupting the innovation itself.

Early involvement of customers (Voice of the customer, VOC) to avoid higher costs of adaptation at a later development stage. Structured elimination of alternatives with sequential testing and adaptation at each phase to save time and resources before the timely product launch.

Process excellence sometimes means creating new processes/products from scratch. By executing focused on Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) we set up and launch new processes/products performing on a Six Sigma standard – “plug and play”. Please also see Six Sigma