See how “yummy” process excellence is

Production processes in food companies often have tight quantitative product specifications or qualitative requirements. Companies also need to cope with inventory, scrap, waste or overproduction while focusing on costs along the value chain. Process excellence for food requires the right set of tools and methods combined with excellent industry-specific knowledge in order to achieve sustainable improvements in and outside of the production factory.

Some questions we help our food clients answer are:

  • How can we profit from process excellence tools and methods in order to achieve further savings within extremely tight product specifications and perishable goods?
  • How can we reduce the amount of scrap or rework in our processes?
  • How can we analyze customer requirements with statistical methods and improve our quality standards accordingly?

How ifss can help

With consulting, coaching and training experience in local, international and global food companies, we help our clients solve detailed and complex process-related issues. Some areas where we support our clients are:

  • Lean Action Workout or DMAIC projects to tackle detailed challenges such as overweight reduction, energy consumption optimization or waste reduction
  • Data and measurement system analysis with specific Six Sigma tools to reduce overweight
  • Raw material preparation
  • Production planning
  • Optimizing warehouse layout following lean principles
  • Change of delivery orders
  • Reduce packaging scrap and optimize filling process