Digital Readiness

Digital Readiness

Optimize before Digitize

For ifss, every transformation begins with the processes. We are convinced that the foundation of every digitalization project must be previously optimized processes. This is the only way to create added value. The mindless digitization of poor processes is a big danger.

ifss believes in stable, agile, and digital processes, and accompanies organizations through the development of a digitalization strategy, the determination of a location through a Digital Readiness Check, and through the successful implementation of defined digitalization measures.

How ifss can help

  1. Definition of a digitalization strategy
    Development of a vision, mission and strategy for digitalization that is both appropriate for the organization and supported by the employees.
  2. The ifss Digital Readiness Check answers the following questions:
    • Which organizational areas and which processes have the best potential for digitalization?
    • What gaps exist in the road to a digital natives culture?
    • What skills/ competencies/ talents are available, and what developmental measures must be taken to realize the strategy?
    • What existing infrastructure is not capable of being digitalized and where is the implementation of new channels (such as Omni-Channel-Capabiltiy, etc) necessary?
    • What level of safety standards currently exists and what does the market or the client require?
  3. Implementation of Digitalization Measures
    Based on the results of the Digital Readiness Check, ifss will develop the necessary measures for change, adapt the process landscape, structure the transformation program, and ensure the implementation/ acceptance of the project through a rigorous PMO. ifss also supports the customer with the selection of suitable IT experts for the implementation of the core digitalization topics.