Culture Change

Culture Change

Change is the only standard

Even the best improvements can fail if no change management is in place. Creating the need for change therefore is just as important as the quality of the improvements themselves. At ifss we have developed a unique approach for change management called TOP (Transformation Optimizing Process).

Some of the questions that TOP can answer are:

  • How much change does our organization need?
  • Is there clear ownership and a mandate for change from leaders?
  • Have we identified all relevant players necessary for success? Do we have a viable plan for removing roadblocks?

How ifss can help

Derived from enhancements of General Electric’s CAP® model, TOP provides a complete practical toolbox that helps ensure the acceptance of any Transformation and accelerates the implementation of the developed solutions.

The main elements of TOP are:

  • Leading the change: engaging leaders who provide resources, remove obstacles, and take accountability for success
  • Creating a shared need: establishing a compelling case for change
  • Shaping a common vision: setting and communicating a clear vision, key actions, and performance metrics
  • Mobilizing stakeholders: involving and informing all relevant stakeholders to obtain ownership and support
  • Reflecting for sustainability: applying lessons learned and establishing ongoing accountability and motivation for change
  • Adapting systems & structures: realigning all aspects of the organization to sustain the change