Changing the way you see your business

Companies stuck in the hierarchal perspective sometimes lose sight of what really matters to value creation. By establishing a BPMS (Business Process Management System), companies go beyond the vertical functional perspective to reach a cross-functional horizontal overview where processes are clearly defined, key process metrics are collected, performance is monitored and where the basis for value-adding process improvement is set.

Some questions BPMS can answer are:

  • How can we see our company and processes the way the customer sees them?
  • How much detail do we need in our process landscape and what performance data do we need to collect?
  • How can we create process dashboards to monitor process performance continually?

How ifss can help

At ifss we are process experts. We help our clients creating Business Process Management Systems that include:

  • Development of process landscapes and definition of process responsibilities
  • Development of a process measurement system (including the possible transfer plan to an IT system)
  • Development of process control dashboards